Welcome to T R Holistic Therapies the online home of Tim Redgewell DipHyp, DipHT, professional hypnotherapist, complementary therapist, & independent Reiki Master Teacher.

a new dayYou can find all sorts of information here from hypnotherapy & Reiki treatments offered by Tim, to meditation, Reiki & self help courses. You can schedule a consultation by (requesting an appointment) using the online form, or get in contact to get your questions answered.
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It is Tim’s hope that by exploring the site you will be encouraged, motivated, and willing, to try his unique & professional approach to therapy through complementary and alternative means.

Mission Statement

Tim Redgewell’s core belief is that every human being has a right to exist in good health and happiness regardless of class, creed, or ethnicity, and that every one has a right to be treated with care and empathy, free from judgement. He believes that each of us has the capability to maintain good health wehn (a) given a fair education on the functions of the human and it’s needs, (b) has freedom of choice in getting help to address poor health, and (c) when the body, mind, and spirit are treated as one entity it has a direct influence upon each factor.
It is upon this foundation that Tim Redgewell DipHyp, DipHT & TRHolisticTherapies.com aims to:

  • Provide a calm, understanding, and safe therapeutic setting regardless of the environment.
  • Treat every client, student, or person, as an individual and with respect.
  • Make Complementary & Alternative medicine (CAM) more trustworthy & accessible to all.
  • Price services to be fair and affordable.
  • Educate, and increase awareness, in the general public on the efficiency and effectiveness of proven CAM therapies.
  • Offer training to those who seek it in methods to maintain good health in mind, body, and spirit, through means other than traditional approaches.