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Tim Redgewell has been a professional hypnotherapist, holistic therapist & counselor, and Reiki Master Teacher, for over a decade. He was trained in the UK where he earned professionally accredited diplomas in hypnotherapy (DipHyp), and holistic therapies & counselling (DipHT). He also became certified to the highest degree of Reiki – Reiki Master Teacher (RMT). As part of his holistic therapies & counselling training he studied neo-shamanism while taking 12 months of classes in psychotherapy which gave him a solid understanding of the humanist counselling process as well as other therapeutic approaches such as CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), Parts therapy, Gestalt therapy, and NLP (neuro linguistic programming). He has been a lifelong student of contemplative, and compassionate, meditation.


While in professional practice in the UK Tim became renowned for his professionalism, especially among other CAM (complementary & alternative medicine) therapists he worked along side. It wasn’t long before he became the “therapist to the therapists” helping them deal with the stresses and strains that working with other peoples problems can create when compounded with day to day life.

To date Tim has hypnotized, treated, and counseled, hundreds of people helping them to attain their personal goals, make lifestyle changes, and heal them of conditions traditional medicine has been unsuccessful in treating.

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