Complementary Therapy

About Complementary Therapies

Complementary therapies and alternative medicines have been a popular mainstay in the West since the 1960’s. We can thank the hippie’s obsessive search for “opening the mind”, and Timothy Leary’s “turn on, tune in, drop out”  for that. But for all the spiritual influences that CAM (complementary & alternative medicine) therapies have encompassed over the years, there are few that have stood out as effective. Therapies such as hypnosis, and meditation, not only have a long human history, but are now being backed up with good solid science. This research is proving the benefits of complementary approaches to long term health and human happiness.

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Who uses CAM therapies?

A lot of us is the real answer. According to the US National Center for Complementary & Integrative Health (NCCIH) nearly 50% of Americans choose a CAM therapy at some point in their health care. Californians come in at nearly 52%. It’s not just adults that are choosing CAM either, according to the figures up to 38% of CAM recipients are kids. If we were to make a global survey the percentage would be higher even still.

What’s the difference between alternative medicine and complementary therapy?

It really is all in the name. Alternative medicine is just that: an alternative to standard medical treatment. A practitioner of alternative medicine will aim to diagnose, treat, and prescribe a course of treatment that cures our ailments. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the Ayurvedic system, and Osteopathy are all alternative medicines. On the other hand, complementary therapies don’t offer to cure. Rather they support and offer skill sets that help maintain an overall higher level of mental, and physical, health thus complementing — working alongside — standard, or alternative, medicine.

Tim’s Therapies

As a complementary therapist Tim has been trained in hypnotherapy, holistic therapies and counseling. Also, Tim is certified as a Reiki Master teacher, the highest that can be earned. Tim specializes in helping people who are having physical, emotional, or anxiety, problems. He assists them to understand, take control, and move through the situations that have caused problems in their lives.

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