Tim Redgewell DipHyp, DipHT offers in person, one on one & small group, treatments to anybody in need.

Specializing in stress & anxiety disorders he can help make long lasting, and permanent, positive changes without resorting to drug therapies to manage problems.

Using a humanist, holistic, approach to his treatments he serves the communities of Riverside, San Diego, & Orange Counties either at home, or in office.

Types of treatment


clock-64265_640Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis in a therapeutic setting to treat a wide range of physical and mental conditions that commonly hamper personal growth, health, and happiness. It is known as “brief” therapy which means you are not in treatment for months, or even years, at a time. The average number of treatment sessions usually falls between 4 & 6 dependent on your individual needs, but could be as many as 8.

Whether you want to manage stress and stressful times, build your confidence levels, cope with aches and pains, or make a complete change in lifestyle, hypnotherapy is a gentle and calming alternative to normal medical approaches.

Using a holistic approach to hypnotherapy treatments can turn your life around in a positive and permanent way.

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reiki healingReiki is a Japanese “hands on” healing technique that is incredibly effective in healing pain, injuries, and emotional difficulties.

By trying to bring holistic balance to your mind, body, and spirit, we can trigger our natural “built in” healing systems and help to speed up recovery from injuries, surgery, and other painful experiences that hurt our bodies and minds.

Reiki healing is an especially gentle, holistic therapy making it perfect for people of all ages, and health.

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How to get a treatment

The first step in getting a treatment is to schedule a consultation. The consultation process allows Tim, and you, an opportunity to ask and answer questions, and to determine the best way to treat your specific needs if you choose to continue through with a treatments.

You can schedule a consultation appointment by email, calling or filling out an appointment request.

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